Free Open Source Logging Facade for Object Pascal 0.1.0-alpha released

SLF4P is a simple logging facade for Object Pascal, tested with Delphi 2009 / DUnit and Free Pascal 2.6.4 / FPCUnit and 3.0, inspired by SLF4J.
The source code contains bindings to the Log4D logging framework, a SimpleLogger and a NOPLogger implementation. DUnit and FPCUnit test projects are included. Wiki with usage example:

Current release: 0.1.0-alpha

Habari Client for Artemis 1.0 RC1 Performance Test

About Habari Client for Artemis

Habari Client for Artemis is a library for Delphi and Free Pascal which provides access to the ActiveMQ Artemis free open source message broker.

Test Environment

Test Setup

The throughput test application runs two threads, sending and receiving from a topic destination, using two STOMP 1.2 connections.


After a short warm-up time, every second approximately 15,000 messages are sent and received from the Delphi application to the message broker. In total, more than 30,000 messages per second flow between the message broker and the Delphi application.


Tiburón (Delphi 2009) Sneak Peek

Here are some pointers to blogs about the next Delphi version:

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Steve Shaugnessy: Tiburón DataSnap Enhancements

David Intersimone: Unicode database support in Tiburón for Delphi and C++

David Intersimone: Tiburon – new language features for Delphi 2009