Daraja Framework 1.0 released

Daraja Framework is a new free open source library for Object Pascal (Free Pascal 2.6.4, Free Pascal 3.0, Delphi 2009+) available on GitHub. It is based on the stand-alone HTTP server in Internet Direct (Indy) and the successor to the Habari Web Components library by Habarisoft.

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Free Open Source Logging Facade for Object Pascal 0.1.0-alpha released

SLF4P is a simple logging facade for Object Pascal, tested with Delphi 2009 / DUnit and Free Pascal 2.6.4 / FPCUnit and 3.0, inspired by SLF4J.
The source code contains bindings to the Log4D logging framework, a SimpleLogger and a NOPLogger implementation. DUnit and FPCUnit test projects are included. Wiki with usage example: https://github.com/michaelJustin/slf4p/wiki

Current release: 0.1.0-alpha

Habari Client libraries release 2015.12

Habarisoft released new versions of Habari Client libraries for Delphi and Free Pascal application integration with free open source message brokers.

Tested with current message broker versions

  • Apache ActiveMQ 5.13.0
  • Apollo 1.7.1
  • Artemis 1.0.0
  • HornetQ 2.4.5.Final
  • Open MQ 5.1.1 b02
  • RabbitMQ 3.5.7

Release notes

Full release notes are available at https://www.habarisoft.com/releases/2015.12/