Habarisoft released the 2019.02 version of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for application integration with open source message brokers (Apache ActiveMQ, Artemis, OpenMQ and RabbitMQ).

New in this release

  • Delphi 6 support
  • Linux support (experimental) for Delphi 10.3 Rio
  • Fixed compiler error if HABARI_USE_INTERCEPT is enabled but HABARI_LOGGING is not
  • Fixed compiler warnings and hints
  • Use platform-specific line separator sLinebreak
  • Tests are grouped in unit and integration tests
  • RabbitMQ only: new demo projects demonstrate usage of AMQP broker-specific exchange destinations and routing keys


Home page: https://www.habarisoft.com/index.html

Feature matrix: https://www.habarisoft.com/index.html#feature_matrix

FAQ: https://www.habarisoft.com/index.html#faq


The 2019.02 release includes

Upgrade discount

For existing users, upgrade discounts are available.

About Habari Client libraries

habari_logo_2016Habari Client libraries enable Object Pascal applications to take advantage of message broker / message queue technology – which is distributed, loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous – to build integrated systems, using peer-to-peer and publish-subscribe communication models.


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