Using ActiveMQ Artemis temporary queues over STOMP

In its first version (1.0.0) ActiveMQ Artemis creating temporary destinations from a STOMP client is not supported.

However, Delphi and Free Pascal applications can use Habari Client for Artemis to send messages to temporary queues which have been created by a JMS client. Once the JMS client created the queue, its full name can be transmitted to STOMP clients in the reply-to header, so that the STOMP client can respond to messages over the temporary queue.

A small example for RPC (remote procedure call), which is based on temporary queues, is included with Habari Client for Artemis. The ‘client’ part is a Java program, the ‘server’ part is a Delphi application.

About Habari Client for Artemis

Habari Client for Artemis is currently in beta test. Habari Client for Artemis is easy to install and configure, and provides a high-level API and programming model, based on connections, sessions, destinations, message producers, and message consumers.

Habari Client for Artemis home page:

Getting Started PDF:

API documentation:

1.0b1 (beta) release now available
The license includes one year free updates. As a special promotion offer for early adopters, the year begins with the final 1.0 release, which is planned for Q3/2015. Also, the beta release is offered with a 30 to 40 Euro discount compared to Habari Client libraries for other open source message brokers.



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