Habari Web Components 2.10 released

Habari Web Components is a web application framework for small to medium size HTTP services, based on the popular open source TCP/IP library for Delphi and Free Pascal, Internet Direct (Indy).

Changes in 2.10:

Indy 10.6.2
Tested with Internet Direct (Indy) version 10.6.2 r5268 .
The library uses IdGlobal.Ticks64 and GetTickDiff64.
Indy deprecated methods
The core library uses IndyTextEncoding_UTF8 instead of deprecated IndyUTF8Encoding.
On-line demo
The on-line demo has been updated from Habari Web Components version 2.5 to 2.10.

Online demo:  the “Kitchen Sink” online demo on https://secure.habariwebcomponents.de/demo/index.html runs on a Ubuntu Linux system (please note that Linux is not officially supported).

Demo download: The demo download contains documentation, tutorial project sources and the “Flightplan” executable demo which uses jQuery mobile.

Mobile app demo


Habari Web Components


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