Habari Web Components 2.7b1 – RFC 5789 and RESTful web applications

Habari Web Components is a web application framework for small to medium size HTTP services, based on the popular open source TCP/IP library for Delphi and Free Pascal, Internet Direct (Indy).

Changes in 2.7(beta1):

The demo folder /restful contains the TdjRestfulComponent, a small example implementation of a RESTful framework which integrates with Habari Web Components (requires Indy 10.6 rev 50880 or newer)
HTTP PATCH (RFC 5789) support
PATCH is a new HTTP method to support partial resource updates in RESTful applications, it is defined in RFC 5789. Custom web components can now implement OnPATCH methods in addition to the existing request handlers OnGET, OnPOST etc. (TdjRestfulComponent also allows to register a PATCH resource handler)

Changes in version 2.6

Online demo:  the “Kitchen Sink” online demo on http://www.habariwebcomponents.de/demo/index.html runs on a Ubuntu Linux system and shows examples, which are also included in the demo download (note that Linux is not officially supported yet).

Habari Web Components


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