Habari Web Components 2.3 Released

Habari Web Components is a web application framework for small to medium size HTTP services, based on the popular open source TCP/IP library for Delphi and Free Pascal, Internet Direct (Indy). The new release brings many minor and major improvements. Here is a short overview:

  • new: exception stack trace logging
    • exceptions during request execution (Service method) will be logged with stack trace and do not stop the application
    • the stack trace will also be shown as web page content
    • this feature requires madExcept (Delphi only)
  • new: example class TdjNCSALogHandler implements the standardized NCSA log format
  • new: example project which shows how web resources can be protected using HTTP Basic Authentication, by adding a simple subclass of TdjHandlerWrapper to the request handler chain
  • changed: if an unhandled exception occurs during execution of a web components Service method, the HTTP response code will be set to 500 Internal Server Error
  • updated: demo applications updated to use jQuery 1.9.1 and Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.1
  • fixed: duplication of logger names in Log4D trace level log messages
  • fixed: Ajax request statistics demo – fixed hang on some browser caused by caching of JSON responses
  • experimental code for RESTful applications has been removed
  • experimental code for WebSocket applications has been removed

Habari Web Components

Exception stack trace in logging output

Exception stack trace in logging output

Spring Discount

Single Developer Licenses for Habari Web Components, the easy to use web application framework for Delphi and Free Pascal, are now available with a 40 Euro discount. To receive this discount, please use coupon code ‘web40’ in the order form.

Habari Web Components provide a simple framework for small web applications, which run embedded in an existing Delphi or Free Pascal application, or as a stand-alone HTTP server. If you like to see it in action, download and run the off-line demo applications, try out the on-line demo or install the demo client app for Android. Need more information? Browse the on-line API documentation, or the comprehensive Getting Started document.

Quick facts

  • supports Delphi 2009 and Free Pascal 2.6.0 or newer with Internet Direct (Indy) 10.5.9
  • supports the open source logging framework Log4D
  • no external libraries (DLL), compiles into the executable
  • full source code included, with DUnit tests and example applications using Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery mobile
  • redistribution with your application does not require any additional fees
  • free minor and major updates for one year

2 thoughts on “Habari Web Components 2.3 Released

  1. Hi, my name is Pablo i’m from México City, i saw yor product Habari Web Components.
    I have a question about it: with this component is possibly to build a webSites ?. I’m sorry, English is not my language.

    • Hi, and many thanks for your interest in Habari Web Components. The library does not generate web site content, it ‘connects’ the content with URLs, so that your web server or web services URLs can be organized more easily, and it serves your content with the built-in Indy based HTTP server.

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