Developing for Android with Pascal and Eclipse

Phil Hess posted a step-by-step introduction to Android development using Free Pascal and the Eclipse IDE.

With this solution, developers have access to practically the entire Eclipse and Android toolsets. This includes not only the complete set of Android widgets and a graphical designer for laying them out, but also access to the complete Android runtime. The Eclipse IDE will also build the executable and launch the Android emulator (using Run As | Android Application).

You use a Java class the same way you use Pascal classes. For example, to use the SQLiteDatabase class to open a SQLite database, you would write something like this:

  FileName : string;
  Db       : ADSSQLiteDatabase;
  FileName := 'mydb.sqlitedb';
  Db := ADSSQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(FileName, nil, ADSSQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READONLY);

This code example shows the Pascal source for an Android activity:


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