Delphi IDE Features – Tips and Tricks

Delphi ErrorInsight: resolve “wiggly lines” quickly

Unknown types and symbols are marked with red wiggly lines in the code editor. If the unit which contains the reference is not yet in the uses list, a simple trick saves many manual steps: right-click on the underlined text and choose “Refactoring | Find Unit…“. A dialog will present the available unit which contains the unknown type or symbol, and a mouse click adds the selected unit to the uses list of the current file.

Delphi VCL tweaks: reduce TPageControl flickering

In Delphi 2009 the flickering of a PageControl which occurs during resizing can be reduced by setting its DoubleBuffered property to true, and installing VCL Fix Pack. But controls on the tabsheets will still flicker, regardless of this setting. As a workaround, you can place TPanel components with ParentBackground set to False on the tabsheets first.

Delphi application tests – find required libraries in the system path

If you don’t have a clean virtual machine at hand, how can you quickly ‘remove’ libraries (DLLs) from the search path? The file might be installed multiple times – you need to find all of them.

Here is a DOS script which lists all locations for the file midas.dll in the search path:

@echo off
for %%G in ("%path:;=" "%") do if exist %%G\midas.dll @echo %%G

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