Enterprise Messaging News (April 2011)

Apache ActiveMQ 5.5 released

April 1, 2011 – The Apache ActiveMQ team announced the release of Apache ActiveMQ 5.5.0. This is a maintenance release, bringing together over 130 resolved issues and many new features. Full details and download link can be found in the release page:

Delphi 6 to XE and Free Pascal applications can exchange messages with Apache ActiveMQ brokers by using the Habari ActiveMQ Client libraries.

Stomp 1.1 Message Broker Protocol finalized

The group for the specification and discussion of the Stomp messaging protocol has finalized version 1.1 of the Stomp specification. Group members include representatives of popular open source message brokers including Apache ActiveMQ, JBoss HornetQ and Springsource RabbitMQ.

The 1.1 specification is online at Github. A first experimental Stomp 1.1 client for Perl is already in progress, and a Stomp broker has been updated to include some Stomp 1.1 features.


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