Vaadin – where U and I matter…

Today I played a little with the Java web framework Vaadin. The result was a online demo version of the ScroogeXHTML RTF to HTML and XHTML converter, running on Google App Engine for Java. In this demo, ScroogeXHTML can be used online to convert RTF code, configured using different parameters (including hyperlink support) to HTML.

Vaadin is completely Java-based. If you are used to write web applications with traditional frameworks like Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces or newcomers like Apache Wicket, you will notice that there are no HTML / JSP files and backing beans anymore. Under the covers, Vaadin uses Google’s GWT.

This demo is a Ajax-enabled web application, so it requires Javascript. Users without Javascript can use the demo on the ScroogeXHTML home page.

ScroogeXHTML is also available for Delphi 2009 to XE2 and Free Pascal.


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