hosted apps provides a number of popular Open Source applications on an opt-in basis. To date, more than a thousand projects and seven-hundred developers (each using at least one application) have opted-in for this service.

In total, the following twelve applications are now available to projects (for project-related activity) and to OSS developers (for personal activity):

  • Trac (wiki, bug tracking, and project management)
  • TaskFreak! (task management)
  • WordPress (blogging)
  • MediaWiki (wiki, useful for documentation)
  • phpBB (forums)
  • Piwik (web analytics)
  • LimeSurvey (surveys)
  • dotProject (project management)
  • Laconica (microblogging)
  • A URL shortening service
  • Gallery (image gallery, useful for personal images, pictures of the
    development team and for screenshots)
  • MantisBT (bug tracking)

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The 25 most dangerous programming errors

More than 30 international security companies and organisations have agreed on a list of the top 25 most dangerous programming errors that can lead to security issues, which may be exploited by criminals. For example, in 2008, just two of the errors on the list led to over 1.5 million security breaches. Many of the errors are not widely understood by developers and the idea behind the list is to use it as a tool for educating programmers in how to avoid them. Among the top 25 errors are insufficient input validation, buffer overflows and poor access control.



Marco Cantù: New Delphi Coding Styles and Architectures

This white paper has been written for Embarcadero Technologies by Marco Cantù, author of the
best-selling series, Mastering Delphi. The content has been extracted from his latest book,
“Delphi 2009 Handbook”,

Using New Delphi Coding Styles and Architectures (PDF)

  • Introducing Generics
  • Generic Constraints
  • Using Predefined Generic Containers
  • Anonymous Methods (or Closures)
  • Other New Language Features