ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform 5.5 – RTF to HTML5 converter

Habarisoft released version 5.5 of its RTF to HTML5 converter library, ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform. This is mainly a maintenance release.

Important changes

  • The converter does no longer generate span tags without attributes <span>text<span>
  • Fixed incorrect values of the ISO 8601 time stamp in the meta date header
  • Improved handling of empty font names, the converter now uses the specified default font instead of the ‘first’ font in the font replace list

On-line demo

The new product site page allows to upload a RTF file and convert it to HTML.

API documentation

Full API documentation is available at


Habari Client libraries release 2016.04

Habarisoft released new versions of Habari Client libraries for Delphi and Free Pascal application integration with free open source message brokers.

Full release notes are available at



Daraja Framework 1.0 released


Daraja Framework is a new free open source library for Object Pascal (Free Pascal 2.6.4, Free Pascal 3.0, Delphi 2009+) available on GitHub. It is based on the stand-alone HTTP server in Internet Direct (Indy) and the successor to the Habari Web Components library by Habarisoft.

With the Daraja Framework, writing well organized stand alone HTTP server applications in Object Pascal requires only a few lines of code, and a minimum of installation and project set up steps.


Daraja supports dynamic (run-time) resource organization by context and path mappings


The framework uses the concept of web components for resource generation, which provide distinct handlers for GET, POST (and other) to separate resource building code for all supported HTTP methods.

Daraja provides the core foundation for serving HTTP resources of all content types – such as HTML pages, images, scripts, web service responses etc. – by mapping resource paths to your own code. Your request handler code then can create the response content, or let the framework serve a static file.

More information

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Free Open Source Logging Facade for Object Pascal 0.1.0-alpha released

SLF4P is a simple logging facade for Object Pascal, tested with Delphi 2009 / DUnit and Free Pascal 2.6.4 / FPCUnit and 3.0, inspired by SLF4J.
The source code contains bindings to the Log4D logging framework, a SimpleLogger and a NOPLogger implementation. DUnit and FPCUnit test projects are included. Wiki with usage example:

Current release: 0.1.0-alpha