Connecting Delphi applications with WildFly 10 (part 2)

The previous post listed the basic configuration steps which are required to exchange messages with the default message broker in the WildFly 10 open source application server. This configuration allowed us to run chat example application with WildFly 10.

Now we would like to see some interaction with a Java EE 7 program. The program should be able to do two things:

  • log the messages sent from the Delphi chat application
  • automatically reply to specific message texts (similar to a “chat bot”)

As WildFly 10 supports the new JMS 2.0 API, the minimal source code for this requires less than 70 lines and is shown below.

If you examine the code you will see that the server recognizes some text constants (for example (“Hello World!) and replies to them with some example answers (“Hello, Test Case!”).

As shown in the first part of this article, you can use the Delphi chat demo to send messages to the example topic.

Neue Bitmap

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Connecting Delphi applications with WildFly 10 (part 1)

If you wish to exchange messages between Delphi or Free Pascal applications and the WildFly 10 open source application server, follow these steps for a quick demonstration of the new client library from Habarisoft:

  1. download and install WildFly 10.0.0.CR2
  2. enable STOMP and add the ExampleTopic destination in the standalone-full.xml configuration file (see below)
  3. use add-user.bat to add user guest with password guest and role guest
  4. start WildFly
  5. download and extract the Habari Client for Artemis 1.0-RC1 demo
  6. launch HabariChat and enter user guest, password guest in the connection configuration


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Habari Client for ActiveMQ Artemis 1.0 RC1 released

Habarisoft announces the first release candidate of its Object Pascal STOMP client library. Habari Client for Artemis is a library which provides access to the ActiveMQ Artemis free open source message broker.

The release candidate has been tested with ActiveMQ Artemis 1.0.0, Indy 10.6.2 5302, Free Pascal 2.6.4, Lazarus 1.4.2 and Delphi 2009.

About Habari Client for Artemis
Habari Client for Artemis is easy to install and configure, and provides a high-level API and programming model, based on connections, sessions, destinations, message producers, and message consumers.

Habari Client for Artemis home page:

About Apache ActiveMQ Artemis:
Apache ActiveMQ Artemis has a proven non blocking architecture. It delivers outstanding performance. Its features include AMQP protocol support, OpenWire support for ActiveMQ 5 clients, STOMP protocol support, HornetQ Core protocol support for HornetQ 2.4,2.5 clients, JMS 2.0 and 1.1 support.

ActiveMQ Artemis home page:


Habari Client Libraries

Habari Web Components 2.11 released

Habari Web Components is a web application framework for small to medium size HTTP services, based on the popular open source TCP/IP library for Delphi and Free Pascal, Internet Direct (Indy).

Online demo:  the online demo on runs on a Ubuntu Linux system (please note that Linux is not officially supported).

Demo download: The demo download contains documentation, tutorial project sources and the “Flightplan” executable demo which uses jQuery mobile.

Mobile app demo


Habari Web Components

Apache ActiveMQ 5.12.0 released

Apache ActiveMQ 5.12.0 resolves several issues, and provides significant improves to the AMQP and MQTT support in the broker as well as fixing issues with STOMP and MQTT over WebSockets plus much much more.


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HornetQ message broker is now in maintenance mode

HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.
HornetQ is now in maintenance mode: as documented on the HornetQ Github project page, the master/upstream for HornetQ is now ActiveMQ Artemis.
About ActiveMQ Artemis:
The Artemis free open source message broker is based on a HornetQ Apache donation. The HornetQ code base was donated to the Apache ActiveMQ community late last year and now resides as a sub project under the ActiveMQ umbrella named ‘Artemis’: HornetQ Apache donation and Apache Artemis 1.0.0 release
ActiveMQ Artemis home page: