Open source REST client libraries for Delphi


delphi-oop includes a REST client to consume RESTful web services using your own annotated class (similar to JAX-RS). It supports Google OAuth 2.0 authentication. The library is mostly tested with Delphi XE and hosted on Google Code at

Code example: (more examples on the project page)

TODataNorthwindClient = class(TSvRESTClient)
    [GET] [Path('/Customers')] [Consumes(MEDIA_TYPE.JSON)]
    function GetCustomers(): TCustomers; virtual;


This library by Fabricio Colombo to consume RESTful web services supports two implementations, using Indy 10 and WinHTTP. The API was tested in Delphi XE, XE2 and XE3 and is hosted on Github at

Code example:

  vPerson : TPerson;
  vPerson := RestClient.Resource('http://localhost:8080/java-rest-server/rest/person/1')

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Many thanks to all those who participated in the discussion in the previous post. All comments, criticisms and compliments are welcome. This is what motivates me to keep writing this blog.

The repercussion of the previous post was much bigger than I expected. The Embarcadero team corrected some of the DataSnap problems and therefore I decided to redo these tests and create this new post.

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Preliminary Open MQ 5.0 released

A preliminary release of the open source message broker OpenMQ 5.0 has been released. Open MQ 5 will support JMS 2.0 and is planned to be included with GlassFish Server, Open Source Edition 4.0. A commercial client library for Delphi and Free Pascal is available from Habarisoft.