Habari Web Components 2.9 released

1 November 2014: Habarisoft released version 2.9 of the Habari Web Components framework for HTTP web applications, based on Internet Direct (Indy). Project home page and demo download:


The demo download contains documentation, tutorial project sources and the “Flightplan” executable demo which uses jQuery mobile.

Habari Web Components

Habari Web Components with JclDebug stack trace support

The upcoming release of Habari Web Components 2.9 introduces experimental support for stack trace output with JclDebug, part of the open source Jedi Code Library, in addition to the already included support for madExcept stack traces.

Exception stack traces are available in development stage mode, and require linking with detailled map information. Please note that these experimental features are not covered by the standard basic support scheme for Habari Web Components and not guaranteed to work with all versions of Delphi / Free Pascal.

The screenshots below illustrate the output on screen and in the Log4D logging output:

Habari Web Components

ScroogeXHTML 5 converter: table support on-line demo

15. October 2014 – Habarisoft announces the first on-line demo of its RTF to HTML / XHTML converter ScroogeXHTML 5.0, which introduces table support, at https://secure.habariwebcomponents.de/sxd/index.xhtml.

ScroogeXHTML 5.0 is a small footprint, but high speed, RTF conversion library for Java 7. For Java 5 and higher, Habarisoft offers ScroogeXHTML 4.5.


ScroogeXHTML is also available for the Android platform. The “Tiny RTF Viewer” app uses ScroogeXHTML 4 and can be found in the Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.habarisoft.scroogertfviewer

Google play

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ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform 4.5 – fast RTF to HTML/XHTML converter

Habarisoft released its RTF to HTML/XHTML converter library, ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform, version 4.5.

Release Notes:

  • Added support for bookmarks. Bookmarks will be converted to id attributes of additional <span> elements. Bookmark processing is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting ScroogeXHTMLBase.setConvertBookmarks(boolean) to true.
  • Added support for field expressions to capture hyperlink targets. Field expression processing is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting ScroogeXHTMLBase.setConvertFields(boolean) to true.
  • Added experimental helper class LinkURIBuilder which converts field expressions to hyperlink target URLs
  • Updated installer to version 5.0.0-rc3

On-line demo

The page secure.habariwebcomponents.de/sxd/ allows to upload a RTF file and convert it to different output formats (including HTML5, HTML 4.01 and XHTML).

API documentation

The online API documentation is available at http://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml_j/4.5/docs/api/index.html.

Two server deployment licenses included

For the deployment on client/server production systems, the Single Developer license already includes two server deployment licenses. License types are explained on http://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml_license.html

“Tiny RTF Viewer” for Android using ScroogeXHTML RTF to HTML converter

Habarisoft has released Tiny RTF Viewer for Android. This viewer app converts RTF documents (which can be stored locally or accessed by choosing a hyperlink in a web browser) to HTML5, and displays them in the internal web browser.

For the internal conversion from Rich Text Format (RTF) to HTML5, the app uses the ScroogeXHTML library from Habarisoft. More information and an on-line demo of the converter library are available at http://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml.html

Google play

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